Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Follow Our Blog

Sign in to your Blogger account by going to and entering your PISD email address and network password. From your Blogger Dashboard, click "Add", type our blog web address,, and click "Follow". Here's an animated GIF to show you how!


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Friday, November 6, 2015

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello, Plano ISD Teachers, and anyone else who has found your way to our new blog site! We are starting up this blog as a means of sharing technology tips and suggestions that you can then share with others on your campus. Our goal is to support your curricular objectives and enhance your students' learning through appropriate technology integration.

Technology integration should not be seen as "one more thing to do" (we are guessing you have plenty to do!) but a seamless blending of technology tools into what you are probably already doing in your classroom. We'll be supplying theory and tips in the coming weeks. We hope you will follow this blog and check back often to get the latest Tech-tastic information for your Future Ready classroom!

Interested in creating your own blog? Contact us and we'll help you!