Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Edcamp: An Innovative Model for Professional Learning

What is an edcamp?

An edcamp is an unconference that is educator-driven and educator-led. It's typically held on a Saturday, free of charge, and the schedule of sessions is made that day! That's because the attendees are the ones who decide on what educational topics they'd like to learn more about and what topics they'd like to facilitate a conversation about.

If you're new to the edcamp style of professional learning, start with this video.

For a more comprehensive description of edcamps, visit www.edcamp.org. Props to the Edcamp Foundation and the original Edcamp founders: Dan Callahan, Mary Beth Hertz, Kevin Jarrett, Ann Leaness, Christine Miles, Mike Ritzius, Hadley Ferguson, Kim Sivick, Kristen Swanson, Nicolae Borota, Rob Rowe.

Why should you attend?

Teachers, librarians, instructional specialists/coaches, administrators, speech language pathologists, counselors, no matter what your role is, anyone in education can benefit from attending an edcamp for many reasons, including:
  • it's free
  • it's a no-pressure opportunity to share ideas and learn from like-minded educators
  • you get to choose which sessions to attend/facilitate
  • you "vote with your feet" so when you've had your fill of one session, just go to another. It's laid-back.
  • there are no "presenters", just facilitators. So you don't have to prepare a presentation. If you sign up to facilitate, just be ready with some ideas and resources to facilitate a conversation on the topic.  
  • there are prize give-aways at the end!
Edcamps are about participant-driven learning. Not so much "sage on the stage" but rather the "guide on the side" model of learning.

Pinterest board of resources

Check out Leah's Edcamp Pinterest board for more visuals and reading material to convince anyone that it's a great opportunity for learning.

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Don't forget to join our #pisdedchat tonight, Jan. 19 at 8 pm CST. It's all about Edcamps!

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