Saturday, January 9, 2016

Need a Website Unblocked for Educational Purposes?

Has this ever happened to you? You found the coolest educational website for your students, only to discover that it's blocked for them at school!? Ugh!

Did you know that you can request for a website to be unblocked using our Web Sense request form? We have revamped how the approval process works so now it's faster than ever! If you have found a website that you know your students need to be able to access in order to successfully complete an assignment/project, fill out the form (see the link below) and you will hear back within a day or two max.

Here's how! 

  1. Go to and enter your PISD username and password to sign in. 
  2. Just fill in the information it asks for to the best of your knowledge. See the example screenshot below. 
  3. In the "reason for the status change" box, tell us how the website will be used for educational purposes. 
  4. Click Submit!
  5. The Instructional Technology Department will review your request as soon as possible. 
  6. You will receive an email letting you know whether it's been opened*. 
*We cannot guarantee that every website requested will be unblocked. But please know that it will undergo a thorough review process and, if it seems appropriate, we'll open it!

One more thing. In the example below, this particular website was opened just for the week of the project. It was closed again after the project was over. So be sure to include whether you would like the website to be unblocked indefinitely or if it's just for a few days and we will do our best to honor that request. 

Link on the Hotspot Site

For future reference, the link to Web Sense is on the PISD Tech Kit page on our Hotspot website. 

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