Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Attend Plano ISD Summer Elementary Academy!

Plano ISD's Summer Elementary Academy (SEA) will take place July 26-28 at Vines High school. This Academy is a 3-day conference where Plano ISD teachers can share the outstanding things they do in their classroom to enhance student learning. We are encouraging teachers to send in proposals to present to their peers.  The catalog of courses will be released on April 29th, and registration for the conference through MyLearningPlan will begin on May 16th.  Teachers can register for as many classes as they would like to attend.  Classes will be in 90 or 180 minute sessions. A teacher attending SEA can apply up to 7.5 hours of the acquired professional development hours toward the June 2017 in-service date.  We will have a variety of topics offered from all areas of curriculum and pedagogy. The underlying theme of all sessions will focus on learning environment, planning and instruction. Representatives from Momentous Institute will present sessions on Social and Emotional Learning.

We hope to invite food trucks to Vines to offer lunch for sale so teachers can remain on campus and collaborate during lunch.  On July 26 Dr. Binggeli will be attending, and we have a themed “Brown Bag-it with Dr Binggeli”  lunch. He will be there to interact with and answer questions from teachers.

Interested in submitting a proposal and contributing to SEA? Click here for the details.

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