Thursday, March 10, 2016

What Exactly is ETSI, Anyway?!

By now you may have received an email from your principal or a peer inviting you to apply for ETSI - Plano ISD's Educational Technology Success Initiative. ETSI 2016 will mark this third annual professional learning experience for Plano teachers, and your Instructional Technology team is already working to ensure that this will be another successful and meaningful event. But you may be wondering:

  • What will we do at ETSI - is it just playing with one cool app or website after another? 
  • I'd like to be better at technology, but I'm definitely not the most techie teacher on our campus. Could I still apply?
  • How will my students benefit if I attend ETSI?
  • How will my campus benefit if I attend ETSI?
  • How will *I* benefit if I attend ETSI?

Let's take a look at each of those questions!

  • ETSI is about way more than just what the next cool app is! Although you will have lots of time to play, the learning focuses on the best ways to integrate technology, not the best tools. So you will spend time discussing and learning more about technology integration models like SAMR, TIM, TPACK, and Trudacot. You'll have an opportunity to select from a variety of breakout sessions so you can learn more about what interests you, and you will have time to enhance your curriculum with technology. You'll also explore ways to be a teacher leader on your campus.
  • You definitely don't have to be the best technology user on your campus to attend ETSI! If you have a growth mindset and are willing to learn (and perhaps to fail a little in the bargain), and if you are willing to share what you've learned with others, then you'd be a great ETSI candidate.
  • Your students will benefit from your participation in ETSI because you will gain new ideas and insights into the technology integration process. You'll learn how to incorporate technology in your lessons in the ways that most positively impact student achievement.
  • Your campus will benefit from your participation in ETSI because you will be the new member of a team that is dedicated to making your school the best it can be. You will bring back to your school many suggestions for innovation, creativity, and global connections. Working in conjunction with ETSI team members who have attended in the past, you will grow your school's capacity and help other teachers learn the things that you did.
  • You will benefit from attending ETSI by becoming part of a wonderful group of like-minded educators. You will stretch your own understandings of what it means to be an ed tech leader, what is possible in a classroom when technology is used to its fullest potential, and what you and other change agents could potentially accomplish in a school. 
If you are a professional staff member in Plano ISD, you can apply to attend ETSI by completing this form. Still have questions about ETSI? Feel free to email your Instructional Technology team at

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