Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Awesomeness of the Autocrat Google Add-On

My favorite add-on right now is Autocrat for Google Sheets. I learned about it from Amy Mayer +friEdTechnology  at TCEA 2015 and Kim Estes +mamaestes at TCEA 2016. What's great about it is that it allows you to take information from a Google Sheet and merge it into a Google Doc to create a custom certificate that can be automatically emailed to participants! It's a beautiful thing to see Google Forms + Google Sheets + Autocrat + Google Docs = Awesomeness! Here's how it works.


Imagine that you want to send everyone a certificate of completion for attending a training.

Step 1

Create the certificate in a Google Doc.

Amy Mayer's example - certificate of achievement
Wesley Fryer's example - EdCampOKC certificate

Step 2

Create a simple Google Form to gather the attendees' names, email addresses, and session details, like these:

Tx Goo Certificate - Google Drive for Beginners
EdCampOKC Form

Step 3

Once your attendees have completed the form, open the Google Sheet of responses and open Autocrat. First, you'll need to add it. From the menu bar at the top, click Add-Ons, then Get Add-Ons.

Search for Autocrat and click "Free" to add it to Google Sheets.

Once it's added, you can launch Autocrat.

Watch Amy Mayer's 7-min. video to see how it works!

Awesome Autocrat Resources

Google Forms: Automated Awesomeness - Kim Estes' presentation from TCEA 2016. Excellent examples and templates to get you goo-ing.

How to Use Autocrat (7 min.) - Amy Mayer's how-to video

For more ideas on how to use Autocrat, visit Top 5 Ways to Use Autocrat in Education for easy, step-by-step directions.


  1. Great idea! This would be perfect for end-of-year awards!

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