Friday, September 2, 2016

Google Classroom Updates

New School Year...New Type of Blog.  We are changing the focus of our tech-tastic blog to now feature a "Tech Tip of the Week".  Be sure to check back often to learn about new technologies or how to use established tech tools in a new way.

Now that you have two full weeks under your belt and everyone is starting to get into the "groove" of school, you might be wondering about the updates to your Google Classroom.  In this post I will concentrate on the much anticipated guardian summaries, easier filtering through topics, and student annotations using the mobile app.

                                                                                      Guardian Summaries

This long asked for feature of parents having access to Google Classroom is finally here (in a sense).  Teachers must invite each parent to receive either daily or weekly automated email summaries about their child's assignments and class announcements.  Parents will NOT be able to log into a teacher's Google Classroom using their personal Gmail account.  If you need more details on how to set up guardian summaries, please click here.  This is a great first step Google has developed in cultivating a stronger school/home connection.


Teacher View
Organizing the stream has gotten much easier because of Topics.  Teachers are able to add custom topics to assignments, questions, and announcements.  You have the freedom to organize by unit, groupings, subjects, and even standards.  Students are able to filter what they see in the stream by choosing a topic.
Student View

Annotations (Mobile App)

Students can show their math work, label parts of speech, mind mapping (brainstorming), and more! Teachers also have the capability to leave handwritten notes and feedback on student work.  This feature can only be utilized on the Classroom app on Android or iOS.  Click here for more detailed instructions.

Your Instructional Tech Team is available to train you, your team, or the entire campus on how to use and/or integrate any of these tools into your current routine.  Please contact us anytime and have a wonderful school year!

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