Thursday, September 29, 2016

Share Classroom Happenings with Parents Using the Kaymbu App

Parents LOVE Classroom Updates

How many teachers do you know have said that their parents want pictures, news, and updates about what is happening in class? Probably more so at the elementary level, right? Well, no matter what age group, I think Kaymbu could be an EASY solution (for all involved!) for strengthening the home-school connection for students and parents.

What is Kaymbu?

An awesome Plano teacher sent me this article yesterday: A Top Education VC says these 6 Startups Could Transform How We Teach Kids. Thank you, @mspolzertech! I was particularly interested in the section on Kaymbu - "a communication portal that lets teachers send pictures, video, and notes to a child's parents" (Weller, 2016). It's an iPad app that a teacher can use to capture classroom activities to share with parents.

I gave it a try and was super impressed with how EASY it was to not only create an account, but to add students, photos, create a Storyboard, add a parent email, and send the Storyboard to the parent. Parents love to receive news and updates as it helps them to reinforce learning at home.

Note that Kaymbu is secure and does not share any photos, videos, or personal data with third parties: Kaymbu's Privacy and Security.

Check out Kaymbu's informative video:

Give Kaymbu a Try!

Start by creating a FREE account either on the website or via the Kaymbu App on your iPad.

What Do You Think?

I want to hear from you! What do you think? Was it easy to use? Is it something that can be seamlessly integrated into your work day, rather than adding one more thing to your plate? Do parents love it?! In the comments below or via email or Twitter, please share whether Kaymbu is truly strengthening relationships between home and school.

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