Monday, October 17, 2016

Professional Learning in Your Pajamas with Atomic Learning

Want to get some PD hours at your convenience from any location? How about some online learning opportunities for students? For FREE? It’s totally possible with Atomic Learning.

Atomic Learning has online video tutorials and training sessions covering a wide range of topics for staff and students such as Google Classroom, Excel, Spelling City, Google Drive, Digital Citizenship, Effective Note-taking, and much more.

You can find videos in five ways:

Discover - A user selects general topics from a list and that will filter specific tutorials into the Discover area.

Search - A user types the topic / subject in the search field and any associated videos will be displayed in the search results.

Favorites - A user can click a star to mark a specific video as a favorite. Click the “Favorites” tab to find those favorite videos quickly.

My Training - A user can assign him/herself sessions or view recommended sessions.

Spotlights - New or popular sessions can be found in the Spotlights area.

Logging in is simple! As long as you can connect to the internet, you can complete thorough, vetted professional development.

**One quick tip for staff: be sure to save and/or print your certificate for MyLearningPlan!**

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