Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Explainer Videos Made Easy With My Simpleshow

Educators (learning designers) and students (creators) can now make creative explainer videos without elaborate software or an extensive learning curve using My SimpleShow.  What's an explainer video and why would I use this you say?  Check out the video below:

Now you know the why...here's the HOW!

Step 1 - Go to mysimpleshow.com and log in with Google using your district email address and password. 

Step 2 - Click on Create new video

Step 3 - You have a choice between writing your own script (preferred method) or uploading a Powerpoint file (up to 20 slides, max 50MB).

Step 4 - If you choose to write your own script, there are a variety of storyline templates to guide your writing.

These storylines give your video structure and provides you with easy to follow guidelines and examples.

Want to start completely from scratch? No worries, just choose a blank template.

Step 5 - The example on the left shows interpret literature or a movie storyline. Write your text in the allotted space on each card.  There is a word count limit dependent upon the type of card you are using.

Examples of what to put on each card are located on the right hand side.

Step 6 - This is where the "magic" happens! The Explainer Engine will suggest illustrations (up to 7 illustrations for each card) from their database to illustrate your story.

You also have the ability to use your own images and move them anywhere on the visual card.  

Step 7 - Choose the type of audio you want associated with your video.  You have the option of using text2speech, your own voice, with/without subtitles, and speed of the video.

Step 8 - Finalize your video

Step 9 - Publish your video on your YouTube Channel or download as an MP4 file on your hard drive. 

Release student creativity and enjoy facilitating authentic tech integration in your classroom with this simple tool.  Please share how this worked in your classroom.  We would LOVE to hear from our esteemed teachers!


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