Monday, January 23, 2017

Want a New Way to Tell Stories? Check Out (formerly is a website I just stumbled on over the weekend, and it looks like it has some great features for the classroom. Sutori's tag line is "the best way to tell your story," but it offers much more than just storytelling. Teachers and students can create pages (called stories) with many different types of media as well as embedded quiz questions.  Bonus: because Sutori does not collect email addresses or other information about students, Sutori is fully COPPA compliant and therefore can be used with students under the age of 13.

Teachers can sign in to Sutori using their Google logins, and will select Educator as the account type. Once signed in, you'll have the option of creating either a story or a class.

To create a story, click the "Create a story" box, and the simple interface enables users to add text, images, audio, quiz questions, and more:

Sutori content types

Everything saves automatically in real time, so if interruptions occur, you won't lose your work. (Thanks to Google for making this the industry standard, amirite?!) After creating your story, you can quickly add it to any or all of the classes you've created by clicking the Add to my classes button and selecting the appropriate classes. You can also share your story with people outside your class by clicking Share and making your story public.

Teacher view

To create a class, click the appropriate area on your dashboard, then share the code with your students. Students will go to, click Sign up, then click the Student option.

Students will then be prompted to sign in, and they can use their Google account to do so. To give students more privacy, you might suggest that they delete all but the first initial of their last name before clicking the "Complete the sign up" button. 

Student view

After completing the signup process, students will enter the code for the class that you have provided to them. 

Student view

Students can work on their stories privately until they are ready to submit them. To submit, students click the Submit button, confirm the class to which they are submitting, and then click Done.

Student view

As students submit their stories, you'll be able to see their names listed on your class roster:

Teacher view

Once students have submitted their stories, click the Share button.You'll have the choice to share only to the class or publicly...

Teacher view

... and after the stories have been shared to the class, students will have the option of adding classmates as collaborators by clicking Collaborate and then typing the classmate's name:

Student view

For more information on getting started in Sutori, you can check out their page titled How to Create a Story

Here are some examples of ways that Sutori is being used in grades K-5, and you can click below for examples of uses in older grades:

We hope you find some ways to use this versatile tool in your classroom. As always, let us know if we can help you get started with this or any other technology product.

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