Friday, November 10, 2017

Ziteboard - Web Based, Real Time Interactive Whiteboard

Fellow Teachers,

I have a confession to make...I LOVE dry erase markers and whiteboards! This simple resource can be used in unlimited ways for my students to show what they know and practice essential problem solving skills. Not only that, but they can collaborate with their peers and have fun moving around the classroom. That being said, I get irritated for the following reasons:

  • The markers get dried out because one my sweeties didn't close the cap all the way.
  • I don't have enough working dry erase markers for everyone. (See above)
  • The erasers turn into projectiles because hey...why not?
  • The wasted time it takes for everyone to get out a board, grab a working marker, get a projectile (I mean eraser), and wait patiently for me to give the prompt.
If any of this sounds familiar, get ready to be amazed by this new to me tool called Ziteboard. Watch this video for a short introduction.

Ziteboard is a web based, real time, interactive whiteboard. If you have a device and wi-fi, then you and your students can use this remarkably easy tool.  Uses in the classroom include:
  • Annotating documents to create teacher notes that will never get lost.
  • Student group or individual work that can be turned into the teacher's Google Classroom.
  • Quickly launch whiteboards and save precious instruction time.

Most more buying markers, erasers, or whiteboards!!!  For more information, check out their website ( ) and have one of your eager instructional technology specialists help you get started.

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