Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How to Use PowerPoint's Presenter View

Don't Hate on PPT

Hey, there is nothing wrong with PowerPoint, if you use it WISELY. Many textbook companies provide PowerPoints for teachers to deliver instruction and, since it has been around for years, many of us feel very comfortable using PowerPoint. I used to teach Business Information Management (BIM) in which we'd cover the Microsoft Suite. In our PowerPoint unit, I taught my students that they themselves are the presentation and that the PowerPoint should enhance it with visuals and main points. I also stressed "less text, more pics" and the use of graphs/tables when presenting visual data. (I was also a Marketing teacher). :)

A teacher recently asked me how he could present his PowerPoint on the screen to his class while he viewed the behind-the-scenes version on his computer. Specifically, he wanted access to the slide notes and to preview and select slides on his end while the audience viewed what he wanted them to see. So I gathered some instructionals on how to use "Presenter View" to present a PowerPoint to an audience on one screen while privately viewing your presenter notes, annotation tools, and more on another screen.


These three short videos on the MS Office support site are very helpful in walking you through the steps of presenting to an audience.

Watch the videos here.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Check out these detailed step-by-step instructions on the MS Office support site on how to "Present on multiple monitors (and view speaker notes privately)".

Getting Started

Here's the gist of it. In your PowerPoint, click on the Slideshow menu on the top and check the box next to "Use Presenter View". 

To preview what your slideshow will look like on two screens, press Alt + F5 on your keyboard. 

I encourage you to watch the videos above and sift through the step-by-step instructions to dig deeper into how to make it work for your situation. Hope this helps!

As always, please contact any Instructional Technology Specialist (Clara, Fern, Leah, or Nancy) to help with your ed tech needs. 

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