Monday, February 5, 2018

Edpuzzle now has PD Certificates!

What is Edpuzzle?

Edpuzzle is a video platform for teachers and students. You can create a video, or use an existing video, and make it interactive with questions throughout. AND you can view/download the results. It's totally awesome. Check out more here: What is Edpuzzle? and watch this short video:

PD Certificates

Edpuzzle now offers a professional development certificate program. Educators can earn PD Certificates by completing Edpuzzle training modules. The certificates they offer include:

Edpuzzle Level 1
Edpuzzle Level 2
Edpuzzle Coach
Edpuzzle Flipped
Planning Certification
Execution Certification
Big Goals Certification
Diversity & Inclusion Certification
Student Hero Certification
21st Century Learning
Personalized Learning
Tech Integration

Visit their website to learn more about what each certificate has to offer:

Do your T-TESS goals include technology? 

Start with the Edpuzzle Level 1 certificate to not only become familiar with Edpuzzle but to learn how this awesome tool can help you in your classroom tech integration efforts.

Please Tweet your learning and include the hashtags #pisdtech and #pisdlearns!

As always, your Instructional Technology Specialists will gladly help you with your tech integration goals.

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