Monday, April 2, 2018

It's Testing Season!

You have worked very hard all year building relationships, delivering content, tutoring, attending professional learning, lunch duty, parent conferences, accommodations, meetings, meetings, and meetings. Thank you very much for the seemingly endless hours of educating our most precious resource.

This time of year brings the uncertainties, joy, and potentially stressful activity of standardized testing. What better time than to discover some interesting activities you can enjoy with your students on a Chromebook?

1. Fast Advanced Google Search (Chrome Extension) - Teachers and students alike should sharpen their online search skills when researching academic topics. This chrome extension is a quick way for students to create advanced queries without having to exit their current window. Tip: See how quickly your students can make a query to find who invented lubrication devices to make train travel more efficient.

2. Web QR - You CAN use your Chromebook to scan QR codes. It may be a little awkward, but this tool can be used as both a QR scanner and a QR reader quite easily. Tip: Have your students add this to their Chromebook shelf for even easier access.

3. Screencastify - Quickly make and post personalized videos straight to your Google Classroom with this screen recorder. You can record your tab, whole desktop, just yourself, or a combination. With the share to Google Classroom feature, posting your videos has never been easier. Tip: Do a video STAAR scavenger hunt!

4. Draftback - Not exactly an interesting student activity, but it is a great way to easily check if students are copying and pasting their written assignments in Google Docs instead of typing it themselves.

5. Google Earth for Chrome - If you haven't let your students click on the I'm Feeling Lucky icon in Google Earth, then all of you are in for a treat. Have each student click the I'm Feeling Lucky icon and then share facts about where Google Earth took them.

Hopefully, at least one of these ideas will inspire you to use your Chromebooks in ways not previously imagined. Be on the lookout for our summer classes and get to know even more ways to make your Chromebook relevant, useful, fun, and support authentic student learning outcomes.

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