Monday, April 30, 2018

R.I.P. Today's Meet

Today there are four super sad faces are here amongst the Digital Learning team, as we found out this weekend that Today's Meet is shutting down as of June 16, 2018. Today's Meet has been a staple of the "backchannel" chat in professional learning and among students for a number of years; its ease of use and versatility have always made it one of our favorite go-to resources. I know teachers who have used Today's Meet for keeping in touch with students when they're away or as a non-threatening way for students to ask and answer each other's questions. So, what to do now that this great tool will soon not be available? Here are three alternatives.

Google Slides Q&A. This is a hidden gem that you might not have seen before!

Tricider. No login is necessary, even for the teacher, but you'll want to log in with Google when you create new Triciders so you can see your history and edit your questions if necessary. Students never need to create an account.

Mentimeter. In the free version, you can have 2 questions and 5 quiz questions per topic, with an unlimited number of participants. There are different question types, which makes this tool a little different from the two above. Sign in with Google so you won't have to remember another password.

Remember that using a backchannel is a great way to mentor your students in great digital citizenship - but you have to set them up for success by talking about your rules and expectations ahead of time! Getting your students to come up with the rules and norms for class discussions, as well as consequences for infractions, will likely head off some of the negative behavior. If you need additional suggestions on using backchannels successfully in your classroom, contact any member of your Digital Learning team - Clara, Leah, Fern, or Nancy!

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  1. Excellent post, Nancy! I love working with my smart, talented friend.