Thursday, May 31, 2018

Never Miss a Notification in Google Classroom/Docs/Slide with this Cool Trick!

Are you having trouble being notified when a student makes a comment or asks a question in Google Classroom? Have you opened a shared Google Doc and then see that someone posted a comment several days ago? Here are some solutions for you!

Google Classroom

  1. Check to see that your notifications are turned on. 
    • Click on the hamburger menu on the top left (three horizontal lines)
    • Scroll down to Settings
    • Toggle on Email notifications and anything else that you'd like to receive notifications about. 
      Google Classroom Settings
  2. Notify your students to start a comment with the plus sign and your name. This ensures that you will receive an email directly to your inbox notifying you of the comment. 
Entering a plus sign and the email address ensures that the recipient will receive an email with your comment.

Google Doc/Slide

Same as #2 above! If you enter a comment on a Google Doc or Google Slide, start it with the plus sign and the user's email address to make sure they receive an email with your comment. It's that easy!
By entering the plus sign and the email address, Nancy will receive an email directly to her inbox with my comment.

Google Certified Educators

Your trusty Digital Learning Team, Clara, Fern, Leah, and Nancy, are all Google Certified Educators Level 1 and 2. Beyond that, Nancy and Clara are Google Certified Trainers AND Nancy is a Google for Education Certified Innovator! So please let us know if/when you have questions regarding Googly stuff (and beyond!). Do you want to be a Google Certified Educator? Learn all about it by clicking the link below or just ask us how to get started!

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