Monday, July 23, 2018

How to Look Good on a Webcam

"I don't want to see myself on camera!"

Ok, let's get real for a minute. We've taught classes on how to record videos/screencasts using Chromebooks, PCs, and cell phones and the reoccurring responses have been "ugh!" when we see ourselves on camera. So let me cover some quick and easy tips on how to look like an easy, breezy cover girl (or guy) on camera.

Step 1: Get Over It

Your students love you. We are our worst critics. People are forgiving. Just let any insecurities go and be proud of yourself for getting techy! 

Step 2: Set Yourself up for Success

I love everything about this short video by photographer Matthew Rolston. He makes looking good on camera look EASY!

Take Aways

In the video, Mr. Rolston gives the following tips:
  • Place a lamp behind your computer. 
  • Position the computer so that the webcam is aligned with your hairline. (So that you're not looking down at the camera.)
  • Center yourself on screen. 
  • Look at the webcam while recording/talking, not at yourself.

These Plano teachers demonstrate how to prop up their Chromebooks to get a "high and tight" angle while recording a Flipgrid video for a Chromebook class at the Summer Elementary Academy #pisdsea, #pisdsea2018

Holding the Chromebook at an angle.
Propping the Chromebook up.

Give these tips a try and you'll look almost as gorgeous as this cover girl (kitty). :P

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