Monday, August 27, 2018

#DigCit Promo Videos

We on the Digital Learning Team absolutely LOVE hearing from our innovative teachers regarding what's happening on their campuses. We were especially tickled recently when we received this terrific #DigCit rap video from Mr. Orion and Mr. Tannenbaum at Frankford Middle School!

And then there is this wonderful anti-bullying video made last year by students at Otto Middle School (you may need to be signed in with your school account to view this one).

Right now you may be thinking, "Hey, that gives me an idea for something I'd like to create!" or "Hey, my students could come up with something like that, too!" At least, that's what we HOPE you're thinking! We'd love to see lots more content like this, created by our amazing educators and ESPECIALLY our awesome students!

Are you looking for more Digital Citizenship resources? Check out the curated list at And be sure to contact any member of your friendly Digital Learning Team if you want to learn more about how you can bring digital citizenship to life in your classroom.

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