Friday, August 17, 2018

Hidden Gems on our PISD Hotspot

Our Hotspot website is chock full of useful information - but there is a LOT there, and you might miss some of our great resources! This blog will provide a quick tour of some of the links you may have overlooked.
  • Our Digital Learning Catalog - all the ways your Digital Learning Team can support you!
  • Digital Citizenship resources - everything you need to get off to a good start (at ANY time of the year!) with digital citizenship
  • Reflection Questions: hit the refresh key, or just click the "Next Question" button at the lower right, and you will get random, generic questions appropriate for almost any lesson or activity. (Thanks to Tony Vincent for this idea.)
  • Audio and Video Editing links to the website. Free online editing tools!
  • Likewise, the PDFs bullet links to - terrific free site for converting PDFs to Word, Excel spreadsheets to PDF, extracting images from a PDF, and more. (Note: be sure you are using copyrighted materials appropriately.)
  • Pinnacle Gradebook, including a tip for fixing the annoying problem of not being able to scroll to the last student on your roster if you're on a Chromebook.
  • Creating a Google contact group so that you can share docs with your entire campus or other group
  • How to create a short URL
And SO many more! Do you have a favorite resource from our Hotspot? Is there something you'd like to see there, but can't find? Let us know in the comments section below.

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