Monday, September 24, 2018

Is your Email Signature Accessible?

"The goal of accessibility is creating equal access for all." 

What is Accessibility?

  • It's a word to describe whether people with disabilities have the same access to something (in this case digital information) that is available to people without disabilities.
  • The goal of accessibility is creating equal access for all. 
  • See the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

For instance, you'll want to make sure your content is accessible to someone who is blind by thinking of how the computer screen reader program will identify your content for the reader. Someone who cannot see must rely on the screen reader to describe an image on your page so you always want to include Alt Text in your images. Just like someone who cannot hear needs to be able to read captions on videos. 

Tips to ensure that your email signature is accessible

Email signatures are essential, professional, and should definitely be legible. Digital accessibility means that everyone should have access to digital information. 

Color Contrast

    • Avoid using colored text. Low color contrast between text and its background can make it hard to read.


    • Avoid using email stationery. Applying stationery to your emails can cause color contrast issues, making content hard to read. 

Stationery with green background


    • Always use alternative text. Be sure to include descriptive Alt Text tags in images. Hover over any image on this page to see its Alt Text. 

Cool School Eagles Crest


    • Stick with an easy-to-read font like Calibri or Times New Roman. Avoid cursive fonts. 
Example of cursive text that is hard to read

Tools to help

Questions? Need training?

Please contact the Digital Learning Team (Clara, Fern, Leah, and Nancy) with questions and/or to schedule staff or individual accessibility training. We can help make it easy for you! We want to be sure our digital content is accessible considering that we communicate with parents and the community via our staff web pages and via email. 

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