Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Professional Learning Opportunities from Your Digital Learning Team

The PISD Digital Learning Team is frequently out and about in our schools, delivering a wide variety of technology professional learning, support, and coaching. We might be found in a library after school, in an individual teacher's classroom, or working with grade levels or subject areas in a conference room. People often think of us as the "Chromebook Support Team" or the "Webdesk Help Gurus" and we certainly fulfill those roles. But we offer much more than just training on devices or tools!

Would you or your staff like to learn about improving student learning outcomes with appropriate use of student engagement tools? How about making better instructional decisions by using formative assessment tools? Or maybe you're interested in best practices for implementing digital citizenship initiatives on your campus, or how you can use ISTE Standards to improve your practice. Yes, we definitely do more than just the "here's where you point and click" training that people sometimes equate with "technology training"!

But it's hard to know where to start, if you don't know what to ask for. Since every classroom and student group is different, we've created some resources on our PISD Hotspot that are designed to guide you as you consider what technology implementation might be most appropriate for your particular learners. Look over these pages to help you decide how our team might best partner with you to make great technology decisions:

We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you on YOUR campus soon!

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