Tuesday, October 30, 2018

We have a license for that? Thanks Plano ISD!!


     An exclamation we hear many times as we deliver professional learning is, "I didn't know that we had a license for that!" Here is a current list of district-wide licenses we have for all educators (and in most cases students) in our district that have been vetted for innovative technology integration. Please share the great news with your team, students, and parents.


This tool has taken our district by storm! The ability for staff and students to access all of their online resources with a click of the mouse is a super productivity booster. A new feature for this school year is the Digital Backpack. Go to https://www.pisd.edu/Domain/9188 for more details about Webdesk.


Create your own interactive lessons in minutes, observe real-time informal assessments, increase student participation, and much more. Go to https://www.pisd.edu/Page/15998 for more information about how to use, create, and integrate your own PISD Nearpod lessons.


Yes! Minecraft EDU is available in our district on a Windows desktop or laptop. All educators and students have access to a license and the instructions can be found at https://www.pisd.edu/Domain/9603

Adobe Spark

Students as young as Kindergarten have the ability to create visually stunning artifacts to show what they know as well as narrate their own stories. This powerful tool used to be only available for students 13 and older, but our district now has access to a premium version that allows our youngest students safe access. Instructions on getting your students started on this creation tool are located at https://www.pisd.edu/Domain/10060.

Office @Home

Did you know that Plano ISD staff and students may download Office 2016 for free on up to five devices? The instructions can be found at https://www.pisd.edu/Page/17620.


Looking for audio clips for your students to use in projects? Add the PISD Soundzabound app in Webdesk! Search for sound clips from a wide variety of genres and lengths to use in classroom projects. Great for presentations, podcasts, and more! Files can also be downloaded on Chromebooks. More details can be found at https://www.pisd.edu/Domain/9799.

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